Minister Announces COMFIT Review Results, End to Program

Government has decided to end the community feed-in tariff program after a program review that began in January.

“This is the right time to bring COMFIT to a close, it has achieved its objectives,” said Energy Minister Michel Samson. “We are now at a point where the program could begin to have a negative impact on power rates.

“Nova Scotians have told us they want stability and affordability when it comes to power rates, and industry wants clarity on the future of the COMFIT program. We are listening.”

The review found:
— with an estimated $35 million in direct investment by Nova Scotians, COMFIT has exceeded expectations as a contributor to economic development in communities throughout Nova Scotia
— COMFIT has also exceeded expectations in energy output, with more than 80 MW in production and more than 125 MW expected by the end of 2015
— no new generation is needed to meet electricity demand, and adding capacity would negatively impact rates as Nova Scotians pay more for energy with small-scale, community-based projects than from other sources
— some COMFIT projects are seeking extensions beyond what would be expected for a well-developed project

Effective immediately, no new COMFIT applications will be considered. Projects already underway will continue. All unapproved projects, extensions and lapsed-permit renewals will be considered on a case-by-case basis and processed within 60 days.

Government will introduce legislation in the fall to enact the necessary changes. More details on renewable energy and its role in the province’s energy future will be released this fall in government’s electricity plan.

Source: Release

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