Minister Confirms Provincial Position on Villages

Municipal Affairs Minister Mark Furey confirmed today, March 12, that government will not force amalgamation or dissolution on villages in the province.

“We are working collaboratively with all our community leaders to engage in an open dialogue on the best municipal governance structure for the province, and this includes villages,” said Mr.

Furey. “We want to work with municipalities and villages on sustainable solutions and not force them to dissolve or amalgamate.”

Mr. Furey met with representatives of the Association of Nova Scotia Villages this week to discuss the draft provincial-municipal fiscal review report. The report contains 41 recommendations.

The fiscal review was led by a steering committee of elected municipal officials and deputy ministers. A working group of senior municipal and provincial staff supported the committee in its work.

The steering committee and departmental officials are analyzing the feedback received during consultations before finalizing the report and presenting it to government.

Source: Release

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