Minister Dismisses Alton Appeals

Environment Minister Margaret Miller has dismissed four of six appeals on the industrial approval provided to Alton Natural Gas Storage LP for the proposed brine storage pond in Colchester County.

The arguments put forward in the appeals were primarily focused on two principle issues – the science used to inform the department’s decision and a perceived lack of consultation with First Nations and the public.

“Having carefully reviewed the information presented to me by the appellants and staff, I am satisfied that there has been ample opportunity for the public and First Nations to provide input on this project, and that the province’s duty to consult with our First Nations people has been met,” said Ms. Miller.

“I am also satisfied that the scientific reports considered in the application for the industrial approval have appropriately considered the potential effects on the Shubenacadie River.”

The department issued an industrial approval to the company to operate the brine storage pond in January. The minister must decide on the two outstanding appeals by April 25.

Source: Release

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