Missing Cat (Stokil/Armcrest Area) #Sackville

Please keep an eye out for kitty and share:


Brandy Nichole Comeau
 > sack-vegas.com

Hoping you can share this and we can find this kitty! I am cross posting for someone I know 

“My little kitity Delco is missing…She is lost around Stokil Armcrest area in Sackville.

She’s been gone for almost 3 weeks, if anyone has seen her or even found a cat that looks like her not in good shape atleast email me to let me know. caracollette@hotmail.com. She’s almost 11 yrs old and half blind but will come if you call her name. Please if anyone has found her please email. My daughter and I are missing her very much.
(She the white and peach colored one)”

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