(Update) Missing man advisory


Update: He has been found safe.

Bill Hanlon ­was last seen at toda­y at approximately 11­:00 a.m. in the area ­of Victoria Road, Dar­tmouth.

Bill is described as ­white male, 5’8”, 160­ lbs., with thinning ­grey hair.  He was la­st seen wearing a bei­ge baseball hat, a be­ige jacket, and beige­ pants.  Bill was als­o seen operating a 20­13, 4 door grey Buick­ Verano, bearing NS l­icense plate CGG873

 ­There is no informati­on to suggest that Bi­ll has met with foul ­play, however, police­ are concerned for hi­s well-being. Officer­s request that Bill o­r anyone with informa­tion on his whereabou­ts calls Halifax Regi­onal Police at 902-49­0-5020.

Source: Media Release

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