Modern Quilting With 3rd Story Workshop!

Picture These aren’t your Grandma’s quilts (although we’ll always love Grandma’s equally, lol)! These are the beautiful and complex works of Andrea Tsang Jackson, designer and self-taught quilter who hangs her hat here on the East Coast of Canada. With a background in architecture, and mom-wisdom (and patience!) from raising two young boys, she uses her skills to craft beautiful geometric pieces. For this Etsy Awards finalist, quilting has become the medium in which she explores her interests in material, geometry, and place.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andrea and viewing her pieces in person. I’ve tried to capture the intricate craftsmanship to my best ability in these photos- but the pieces really speak for themselves in person! Andrea explained to me the process that goes into each of her pieces: from drawing the geometric shapes on design programs, carefully sourcing and choosing fabrics and complimentary shades, to mapping out each piece (even tiny ones!) and stitching them together- careful attention to detail in each step is paid (and is very apparent when you see the final product). 

Her current launch, the “Gemology Collection” features a series of geometric solid colour prints that derive from the diamond. She explains that the diamond celebrates engagements and anniversaries as it refracts and reflects light beautifully. Diamonds, and jewels served as great inspiration behind her pieces. Below, I’ve featured her diamond gemology pillow and wall hanging, as well as her emerald luxe edition wall hanging (only a small selection of her growing collection). Using a paper piecing technique, each pillow is constructed with 36 different pieces of cotton fabric in 5 tones. The ivory background is an additional 20 pieces. The radial lines are machine quilted, making the gem shine and gleam. Her pieces have a modern look that (for obvious reasons), I love! The wall hangings hang beautifully with a dowel, and are a beautiful accent in a room. The geometric gem really pops! I also really love the clean lines within the quilt and the simple colour palettes.

She has recently been chosen by Etsy to compete in the Etsy Canada Awards! It’s a viewers choice awards competition, so if you’re loving her pieces as much as I am, I encourage you to quickly vote for her HERE. How neat would it be to have a local Haligonian win! Voting closes this Monday, June 6. You can find her pieces on her etsy site using the link below. She also takes custom orders, if you’ve got something else in mind! ​Check out 3rd Story Workshop on:        ETSY     +    INSTAGRAM Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Picture Check out 3rd Story Workshop on:        ETSY     +    INSTAGRAM

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