Mommy Daddy’s Reward Chart

Who says stickers and stars are just for kids? Not us! Since The Husband and I are very serious about our little friendly weight loss competition, we’ve decided that another component to our little competition would be to record our exercise on a calendar for a little extra, “Look what I did today, what did YOU do

today?” kind of boost. So far I’d say that March is lookin’ pretty impressive if I do say so myself!


(I whited out The Husband’s name and some personal information to protect the innocent if you’re wondering what the white blobs are :-D.)  I also did 60 minutes on the treadmill yesterday which I didn’t do until after I took the photo (just sayin! I’m proud of those stickers!).  We decided that you get a sticker for every 30 minutes of activity. My favourite cardio burn of late is doing the “Heart Rate Program” on the treadmill which allows you to pick a heart rate and a time limit and the treadmill adjusts your speed and incline to keep boosting your heart rate to that number.  You can’t even cheat and adjust the speed or incline if it gets tough (which it definitely DOES). Some days it decides to torture you with speed and other days it’s tortures you with incline AND speed. Awesome.

Before getting into the swing of exercise again I was getting anxious about it which is why it took me so long to get back into it.  I’m much heavier than I was pre-pregnancy and the thought of the impact on my foot, knees and hip (because of some older injuries) was quite honestly, something that caused me anxiety.  But regardless of that fact, my knees were already causing me discomfort every single morning when I’d have the Little Peanut in my arms (who is not so little since he’s actually in the 23 lb range!) going down the stairs and let me tell you, my knees HURT in the morning so really I have no where to go but UP (down?) with the promise that at the end of this journey is living in a body that makes the best of living with a busted foot, knee and hip! I already know that it makes all the difference in the world.

So while Daddy and Mommy are moving more every day, The Peanut is still working on this crawling idea.  He’s not entirely impressed with spending too much time on his belly, but each day he gets more and more adventurous and struggles more and more each day before getting too upset and frustrated with being “stuck.” I love watching him try each day and I can tell one of these days he’s just going to “get it” and off he will go!

”Oh Hi Mom, I’m just hangin’ out down here and it’s kinda fun the more I do it…”

IMG_0108 IMG_0105

IMG_0091 IMG_0096

“Doo dee doo….phew this is tiring, I need to rest for a sec…”

IMG_0092 IMG_0089

Ok, back at ‘er…ummm I’m not having so much fun anymore…”

IMG_0129  IMG_0128  

“Mammaaaaa….NOT fun anymore, I can’t mooooove!“


My dear son, there is one important lesson you will learn very soon: if you never stop trying and never give up, you will get there…

IMG_0108 6 6


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