Monday, May 4

Great night for sports on the tube. Caps and Pens at 8:00, Lakers and Rockets at 11:30, with 24 in between and Celtics/Magic during commercials. Caps and Pens are tied 2 a piece, outstanding game. Fast paced, lots of hitting, speed, great scoring opps, could watch hockey like this all night (maybe it will got to ot?). Ovechkin has 1 goal, a one timer from the slot. How do you let Alex O glide down the ice unchecked and fire a wide open shot from 15 feet? Crosby has two goals, the second of which was a great goal, lifting the stick of defender ot keep the play alive and banging it home. The teams are so evenly matched, it’s literally going to come down to who wants it more, and goaltending……Magic and Celtics are tight after 1 quarter. Celtics have to be exhausted after that series with the Bulls…..Lebron James was named MVP today. No argument from me. He took a team of cast offs featuring Wally Scerbiak with a knee brace and some dude who looks like Carlito the wrestler, and won the eastern conference with 66 wins. That’s an MVP. Is he the best player in the league? I think Kobe is such a great defender, I don’t think Lebron is a shut down defender yet. kobe just locks you down, and puts up 30 points on the other end. Scary.

On CKDU Sports today, I mistakenly asked Coach Steve Sumarra of SMU footbal how Eric Glavic was doing, and if he would be ready to play. I didn’t know that Glavic had transferred to Calgary, needless to say the Coach was not pleased. Yikes. Talk about not doing your research. I honestly do not remember seeing a press release regarding him transferring.
Interesting drama there. The head coach of Calgary is Blake Nill, who obtained god like status as Head Coach of SMU before leaving for Calgary 3 years ago. Nill recruited Glavic to SMU before bolting for UC. Glavic decided to keep his commitment to SMU but has obviously changed his mind. He still has 3 years left, he won the Hec Creighton award for most outstanding player 2 years ago, then sat out last year with a torn ACL. There are rumours that it hs seriously strained Nill and Sumarah’s friendship, as the 2 had always been close while Sumarrah worked underneath Nill as offensive coordinator. It could get alot more interesting if Calgary wins the CanWest next season, and SMU wins the AUS. Calgary would then travel to SMU to play the national semi final at Huskies Stadium. Oh yeah.

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