monkey around

So, I don’t usually write much about kid’s stuff, but this is just too adorable to pass up.

The Monkey Show is a great little Halifax-based company (located at 1569 Dresden Row) where…you guessed it….you can make your own sock monkeys!
These guys are awesome…you can get your own sock monkey kit for $15 and have tons of choices to make sure your creation is totally unique. They also have Make your own Sock Bunny kits, and Make your own sock Monster kits.

They do birthday parties and other groups as well. What a fun way to celebrate a baby shower!

Whether you go as a group, pick up a kit to make your own great gift, or even to give a kit to someone else and let them make it, this is a fun and lovely gift to give.

Not to mention, anything that can be custom made can also be stylish! Put some extra thought into it when you chose colors and accessories…and a sock monkey that matches the décor, or is used as a jumping off point for a room, is bound to stick around for a long time!

Check them out at, at their Dresden Row location, or visit them at the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market on the weekends.

Now, who doesn’t like a sock monkey?!?

Even my kitty, Jimmy, has a sock monkey (aptly named monkey) that was given to him just after he came to live with me…and he loves it. He carries it from room to room, so I find it in lots of surprising places all around the house…and it makes me smile each and every time!

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