Monthly Miettes

I am especially excited to write this post for you today, as it’s been several months in the making! 

Last fall, I started lusting after a certain cookbook, right around the same time that I caught the baking bug (which, oddly, was shortly after insisting I preferred the freedom of cooking!). I started baking more than ever and decided I really wanted to challenge myself and bring my baking skills to the next level. 

That cookbook was called Miette, by Meg Ray, which carries her pastry shop’s namesake. Meg is an inspiring, self-taught baker who built this incredible business from the ground up in San Francisco. This cookbook, then, is a compilation of her tried and true recipes, and contains invaluable instruction on the finer techniques in cake baking and decorating.

The book, in a word, is darling. The pages, scalloped and glossy. The photos, stunning. The recipes, challenging, but enticing. The instant I laid my eyes on it, I knew I had to try and create beautiful cakes like the ones in Miette.

Monthly Miettes
Meg Ray’s Cookbook: “Miette – Recipes from San Francisco’s Most Charming Pastry Shop.”

Having signed up for so many blogging events out there last fall, I decided it was high time that I begun my own. So I wrote to Meg and told her about my idea for a blogging challenge called Monthly Miettes. She wrote back saying that she dug the idea. I was elated!

For the more accomplished bakers out there, these recipes might be – pardon the pun! – a piece of cake,  but for me, this is something that will challenge and stretch me. I will probably fail as often as I succeed and I will most certainly learn a ton. I’m looking forward to it!

I wanted it to be easy to participate – the recipes themselves are challenging enough and Lord knows I don’t have much time these days! – so the rules are quite straightforward. Buy the book. Make one cake per month along with me and then post about it. Link back to this post. Let me know you’ve posted by leaving me a comment, and I’ll do a round up the following month. That’s it!

Monthly Miettes
Click on the logo to visit Miette’s website. Used with permission from Meg Ray.

We won’t publish the recipes – much like the people over at French Fridays With Dorie – we’ll simply work our way through the cookbook, one recipe at a time, one month at a time. That will also encourage others to buy the cookbook and enjoy it’s beautiful composition in their own home, in their own time. (The recipes are much too long to re-post, anyway!)

For the first month, I’ve chosen the cover recipe: Tomboy Cake. You have from now until March 25th, 2012 to submit your post. 

Wait – there’s one more rule! When you make your cake, you must, must eat a slice for breakfast, along with a steaming mug of coffee (or whatever it is you drink to wake up!). 

Why? You’ll have to watch this video to understand. Prepare to be enamoured!

To recap, here are the rules:

1) Buy Miette. It will be the prettiest, daintiest addition to your kitchen/bookshelf.
2) Bake the cake of the month and post about it on your blog/website by the 25th. We will start with ‘Tomboy Cake’, due March 25th, 2012.
3) Eat a slice of your cake for breakfast (as often or as seldom as you wish, but at least once!), photograph it, and enjoy this little morning ritual to the fullest.
4) Link back to this post, please and thanks! (And if you’re tweeting about it, use #monthlymiettes.)

Leave me a comment below or drop me a line if you would like to participate: foodjetaimee (at) gmail (dot) com.

Happy baking!


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