More Government Data Released

Nova Scotians are getting access to historical, cultural and other government data through the province’s expanded open data portal.

Today, Nov. 7, more than 25 new and refreshed data collections have been added to the portal. The portal has 286,000 page views since it was launched last February.

The Book of Negroes data collection is available in an open format for the first time. The Book of Negroes is considered the single most important document relating to the immigration of 3,000 African American refugees to Nova Scotia following the War of Independence in 1783. Nova Scotians can access demographics on each registered passenger, the name of the vessel, the vessel’s commander, and where they were bound.

As well, businesses can view provincial tourism visitation and accommodation statistics going back to 2007.

“Nova Scotia joined the open data movement and we continue to make more information available for everyone to use and share,” said Internal Services Minister Labi Kousoulis. “This data is now available for individuals and businesses to make discoveries, create opportunities and help grow our economy.”

Among the new data collections:
— names of deceased in Halifax Explosion and Titanic
— provincial road network and place names
— historical mining fatalities
— public schools offering community-based learning, technology and skilled trades programs
— victim services office locations
— adult and youth correctional facility locations
— municipal land use planning
— counties with senior safety programs
— snow removal service levels for provincial roads
— House of Assembly petitions and correspondence

There are more than 300 current and historical data collections covering business and the economy, communities and social services, nature and environment and government administration available. The information appears in accessible, easy-to-work-with formats and can be found at

The portal gives free access to some data collections that were once only available for a fee.

Nova Scotia continues to improve transparency in government. Some recent efforts include requiring forest harvesters leasing Crown land to post proposed harvest site maps online for public comment before final harvest decisions are made; adding of provincial, county and facility wait times for nursing homes and residential care facilities to the wait time page of Health and Wellness website; and posting of information on funding agreements, as well as six-month progress updates on targets, on the Department of Business accountability website.

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