More makeup giveaways

I’m almost saturated with giveaways, but good stuff keeps coming up on blog givaways. What do I do?

Prissy Green has recently posted up a lot of beauty product giveaways. Some are for US only, so please read carefully requirements in each one. All the current giveaways are listed on the right hand side of the blog.

I’m really interested in the Envision Beauty’s The Solution giveaway, as the review said it works well as a makeup primer, besides all other wonderful things that it does. I am using Camilia Rose’s primer which is one of the best with a reasonable price, but it’s always fun to learn (and try) new products in the market. And look at the price tag too ($74), it wouldn’t be something I could afford. So let’s try to win it. Check it out before July 7.

Another fun giveaway to try is for the Rejuvenating Eye Cream from Organic Apoteke. If it could diminish my dark circles, under-eye puffiness and fine lines & wrinkles like the website said, I’m sold. This one also closes on July 7. Sorry for getting this post up late, as I was coming down with a cold from yesterday. Terrible!

Like an enabler to my pigment addiction, Melinda has this fun giveaway of Eve Organics shadows, opens until tomorrow July 8. I’m so glad to get to know many mineral makeup brands on the web, and glad to see people show more interest in makeup that is not harmful for you. I started out with mineral shadows (after a quad of MAC), so I always use them. Addressing people’s concern about fallout, many companies even come out with pressed pigments which is awesome for newbies. Some people press their own pigments too. I can’t see myself being patient enough to do that, but would love one day get myself some 🙂

And a brand I’m curious to try: Tarte. Natural Mommie has a giveaway for 5 Tarte items – Foundation, Primer, Eye Pencil, Mascara and Lip Sheer in Summer Fling, opens till July 9. Fun to win, isn’t it?

Luxury Reading has a giveaway with multiple prizes of Pevonia, Skinn and Apriori until July 14. I’m new to all these brands, but they do look good 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back with more posts as soon as I get rid of this cold.

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