Morning Mannequins!

A few recent mannequins spotted in The Hague to brighten your day.  Have your designer barf bag at the ready.

Oh!  Too late for this mannequin.  Someone has clearly already spewed all over her.  A shame.  Otherwise this outfit would have merely been hideous.  Now it’s hideous and needs a dry clean.  Or twenty.


However, this alien lady is refreshingly dressed in…

Orange and pink.

this bowl of sorbet:


Those aliens… when will they ever learn that when human females say, “This is going straight to my hips!” they don’t mean it literally?  Sillies.

And at long last, the answer to the question that has troubled philosophers since the beginning of recorded history:


Yes, mannequins can have cameltoe.

Thank god we’ve cleared that up.  Now back to the meaning of life…

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