Most Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia in 2014

NOTE: A list of the top 20 baby names for boys and girls for 2014 follows this release.
According to Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics, those who wrote Emma or Liam on a birth certificate this year were not alone. At least 62 Emma’s and 59 Liam’s were born in the province.

“Having a baby is a wonderful, exciting and life-changing experience,” said Mark Furey, Minister of Service Nova Scotia. “Congratulations to all those who welcomed our newest Nova Scotians into their families this year.”

Following Emma and Liam, of the 7,618 registered births in Nova Scotia this year, the top five girls’ names were Olivia, Ava, Sadie, and a tie between Abigail and Lily, and the top five boys’ names were Benjamin, William, Owen, and a tie between Ethan and Lucas.             

The most popular names have remained fairly consistent over the past few years with only a few new names on the list for 2014. New to the top 20 are Claire, Amelia, Sarah, Nora, and Peyton for girls and Oliver, Luke, Gavin, Connor, John and Gabriel for boys.

Emma 62, Olivia 46, Ava 44, Sadie 42, Abigail 40, Lily 40, Sophia 39, Ella 39, Brooklyn 38, Charlotte 33, Chloe 33, Emily 31, Claire 28, Isabella 28, Peyton 28, Alexis 27, Avery 27, Amelia 26, Sarah 26, Nora 26.
Liam 59, Benjamin 58, William 55, Owen 53, Ethan 50, Lucas 50, Hunter 49, Carter 48, Jacob 42, Jack 41, Jackson 39, Oliver 38, Mason 35, James 34, Alexander 32, Noah 31, Samuel 30, Luke 29, Gavin 28, Connor 27, John 27, Gabriel 27.

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