Most Popular Baby Names in Nova Scotia in 2016

NOTE: A list of the top baby names for boys and girls for 2016 follows this release. The 2016 information is current as of Dec. 19.

Nova Scotians had two clear favourites this year for naming their babies, Olivia and William. According to Nova Scotia’s Registry of Vital Statistics, this year Nova Scotia welcomed at least 48 babies named Olivia and 62 named William.

Of the 7,318 registered births in Nova Scotia up to Dec. 19, the top five girls’ names were Olivia, Abigail, Ava, Emma and Charlotte while the top five boys’ names were William, Benjamin, Oliver, Noah and Liam.

Boys names have remained fairly consistent over the years with only two new names on the list for 2016 compared to 2015 – John and James. In contrast, eight new names have been added to the girls’ list for 2016 from 2015 – Violet, Isla, Isabella, Claire, Lily, Evelyn, Ella and Ivy.

Nova Scotia began formally registering births on Aug. 1, 1864. The most popular girls’ name that year was Mary, and John was the most popular name for boys.

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