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Motivation – Never Give Up – No Excuses

Motivation – Never Give Up – No Excuses

The other day I thought I’d video myself doing a handstand on the dip bars at my gym.  I can do handstands. I can do dips. I’ve got good balance. I’m strong.  I can do this, no problem.  Let’s video it.

First try, almost. Second try, still not it.  Third try, I’m close, I’ll get it this time…

After trying to get up into the handstand (and coming so freakin’ close) for about 45 minutes straight, I was beaten down, both mentally and physically. My arms and shoulders were tired. My frustration was in overdrive. All I wanted to do was give up.

Why can’t I get this? I know I can get this!

Initially the whole point of me making the video was to do a quick 30 second clip of me doing a handstand on the dip bars.  What came out of it was so much more.

My trying over and over again to successfully do a handstand† but failing, kind of felt like what was going on in my real life.  As you know, back in June I decided to quit my full time career of 12 years to try to make it in the fitness world.  I had started to do this three or four times in the past by getting personal training certifications, but I never bit the bullet and actually jumped into the profession, at least not full time.  And it’s not that I’m failing at it now, I’m actually growing my business daily, but it was something that was very scary and difficult to decide to do and a huge leap of faith for me to take. I had to believe in myself. I had to believe I could do it and be successful at it.

Just like my handstand, I know I’ll get there, I just have to keep after it and work hard. My mind is set and no matter what, I’m not someone who gives up.  I’m going to be successful and I’m motivated to get there. Never Give Up. No Excuses.

What motivates you? What have you put off doing in your life, big or small, that your’e scared you may fail at? What’s your excuse for not doing it?

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