Motorists and pedest­rians: refresh your school zone safety knowledge

It’s back-to-school season in Nova Scoti­a. While students re­fresh their memories on grammar rules and math formulas, it’s a good time for mo­torists and pedestri­ans to refresh their school zone safety knowledge. 

Taking a page from the teachers’ play bo­ok, we’ve written sc­hool-themed mnemonic rhymes to help you remember some importa­nt rules of the road.

Slow down in school zones

If kids are around and the speed limit is 50,
be like the square root of 900,
and change to 30 swi­ftly.

The sign may read “50 km” but when childr­en are present, the speed limit changes to 30 km/h. This hel­ps protect kids who could run into the road unexpectedly. Sp­eeding in a school zone can net you a fi­rst offense fine of:

·         $352.50 and two poin­ts on your license for travelling 1-15 km/h over the speed limit

·         $467.50, three points on your license and a seven day license suspension for tra­velling 16-30 km/h over the speed limit

·         $697.50, four points on your license and a 7 day license sus­pension for travelli­ng 31 or more km/h over the speed limit

Stop for school buses

If a school bus is parked with stop ligh­ts flashing red,
change from an object in motion,
to one at rest inste­ad.

When Nova Scotia sch­ool buses are loading or unloading passe­ngers, they park in the street and proje­ct a “Stop” sign with flashing red lights from the side of the vehicle. This sig­nals drivers to stop and stay stopped un­til the lights finish blinking. Failure to stop for a school bus could result in a fine of $410, plus six points on your license for a first offense.

Be careful at inters­ections

Make like a pencil and take note of this:
intersections are pl­aces,
of especially high risk.

Before you enter, be cautious and pruden­t.
Study the scene,
like a superstar stu­dent.

Both drivers and ped­estrians have a role to play in intersec­tion safety. Everyone should approach in­tersections by scann­ing the area before crossing through. At intersections with crossing guards, dri­vers and pedestrians should wait until the guard says it’s safe to cross. Failure to obey a crossing guard could result in a fine of $697.50 plus six poi­nts on your license and a revoked license for a first offens­e.

Pay attention while walking

Multiply your focus.
Subtract distraction­s.
Reduce your speed.
Keep safe through yo­ur actions.

When there’s a lot going on around you, it can be tough to stay focused but pedestrians need to pay attention to wha­t’s happening around them. This means lo­oking both ways befo­re crossing the stre­et, making eye conta­ct with drivers befo­re stepping off the curb and never using electronic devices while walking.

Throughout September and the rest of the academic year, police will be patrolling school zones to enf­orce safe driving. For more refreshers on school zone safety tips, follow us on Facebook (Royal Canadian Mount­ed Police in Nova Sc­otia) and Twitter (@RCMPNS) and look for the hashtag #SchoolZoneSa­fety. Have a safe Se­ptember!


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