Motorists: help keep construction crews safe this summer

Nova Scotia RCMP is asking motorists to help keep construction crews safe by driving cautiously this summer.

Getting hit by a vehicle is a serious risk in road construction, so it’s important for motorists to stay focussed and drive slowly in construction zones. It’s also important to remember that road rage can be threatening and frightening to crews that are just trying to do their job.

“When the road is your work space, there are lots of threats,” says Cst. Chad Morrison of the Nova Scotia RCMP. “Distracted drivers, speeders, road rage: these are just some of the issues construction crews have to deal with. We ask you to help protect workers by driving safely and refraining from road rage.”

One way to help keep construction workers safe is to avoid construction zones altogether. You can find information on construction, road closures and advisories across the province at the Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR)Current Road Conditions webpage. TIR’s Highway Construction Projects page also shows projects currently underway as well as those that will begin shortly or are in the active planning stage.

Sometimes construction is unavoidable. In these situations, it’s important to keep an eye on your speed. Speeding in a construction zone will result in a fine that is double what a normal speeding ticket would be, and can run up to $697.50 for a first offence.

Another reason to slow down is that construction zones normally don’t have road conditions suitable for driving at high speeds. With the sharp shoulders, narrow lanes and loose gravel found in construction zones, it’s easier to lose control of a vehicle there. Even if workers aren’t present, it is still important to slow down and follow speed recommendations.

Nova Scotia RCMP will continue to monitor and enforce construction zone safety this summer and asks motorists to do their part to help protect crews.


Source : Media Release

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