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Moving Back(wards)

You know the saying, “All good things must come to an end?” Well that sort of describes this week for me.

If you know me personally, you know that our family moved to Cape Breton Island five years ago.

I grew up in Cape Breton. Half of my family is in Cape Breton. My heart will ALWAYS be in Cape Breton.


I was overjoyed five years ago when I could tell my parents and family that we were coming home. My girls would be raised like I was.

Fast forward five years and the mood is not so festive. This week we received news that my husband has to relocate to Halifax for his job. Not the news I wanted to hear.

Leaving my parents, family, friends, colleagues, teachers, my Island…. my heart is broken.

I know that Halifax is only 4 hours away and we lived there before so it’s not unfamiliar, but it’s no longer home for us. My girls pronounce the letter H (haytche) just like a Cape Bretoner and they have be known to use the term “bet” instead of “beat.” They have adopted their own Cape Breton accent. They love it here too.

But things change. We need to move. Now all the fun begins with getting the house ready for sale, saying goodbye, looking for a new house. I hope I can find the humour again and take you all along for the ride. But for now, I’m going to sit here feeling sorry for myself, cram in as much family time as I can and toast to the five years here that I didn’t think we’d ever have.

I’ll report back when I can share a good laugh. I hope that’s soon.

Now where’s my box o’ wine… I need it.

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