MUFE Artist eyeshadows

Happy Thanksgiving! No turkey for me today, but I have exciting makeup 🙂

By now, you all would have heard that Make Up For Ever celebrated their 30th anniversary by launching the Artist shadow line with 210 shades.

About the naming system:
– The finishes: M (Matte), S (Satin), ME (Metal), I (Iridescent) and D (Diamond)
– The colour family on the colour wheel (the first digit): 1 blacks and whites, 2 blues, 3 greens, 4 yellows, 5 & 6 browns, 7 pinks, 8 reds and 9 purples
– The next 2 digits are the true “name” of the shadow.

Based on that system, the shades I received – M646 Latte (left) and ME614 Graphite Brown (right) are from the brown colour family, one matte, one metallic.

The formula, which took 3 years to develop, is based on pigment atomization (delivers up to 88% concentrated pigment, highest on the market) and water-blend technology (allows great blendability and even texture).

Just to be quick, all claims are true. The eyeshadows go on and blend so easily. Even the matte shade is soft and pigmented, needs no building up. I am super impressed. The diamond finish has just enough shine to make the look interesting and is not glittery.

Below are the swatches of M646 Latte and ME614 Graphite Brown on their own in the same order as above, with a dry brush and without a primer.

I am happy with the two shades I received. I asked for shades that were not part of the 30 Color palette (as I plan to haul it anyway) and they were chosen to accomodate my eye colour 🙂

The eyeshadows (0.08oz) retail for $25 (single, works out to be $312.5/oz), $39 (duo, $243.75/oz) or $50 (trio, $208.33/oz). Just for reference, MAC eyeshadow pans are 0.05oz, $12 ($240/oz). If you buy a MUFE trio, you get your money’s worth better than with MAC.

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