MUFE Step 1 Skin Equalizer

Together with Make Up For Ever Pro Sculpting duo I reviewed last week, I also received a Step 1 Skin Equalizer, as part of their Spring/ Summer launch.

This is the Smoothing primer (for concerns of pores and fine lines, light grey tube), part of the texture equalizing category of the line.

The silicone elastomers in the formula smooth the pores and fill in micro-reliefs in the texture. The spherical powders make it easier to spread and boost skin softness. Silica interacts with the light to help the appearance of fine lines, hollow shadows or other pumps that darken the face.

Additionally, the Equalizer complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Vederine and Acti Tensor 3D enhance the power of your foundation for smoother, more even, longer lasting make up.

The primers come in (colour-coded) squeeze tubes with a small tip under the screw cap, which serves the ease of use but does not look as luxurious as the HD Microperfecting primers.

This particular Smoothing primer feels and appears more like a thicker tinted moisturizer on the skin. It blends out very easily, evens out my skin tone and enables speedy foundation application.

The smoothing effect, however, would depend on the foundation that follows it. It does a decent job in blurring out pores and fine lines but not completely on its own. It adds about an extra hour or two maximum to the lasting power of the foundation too.

This is the texture of the Smoothing primer next to the HD Microperfecting primer #2 Mauve for comparison. It does not have a scent like the latter, which might be a good thing for those who are scent sensitive.

The Step 1 Skin Equalizer line has 4 other texture equalizing primers and 5 radiance primers, and they can be mixed and matched. A Radiance primer should be applied before Mattifying or Smoothing primer and after Hydrating or Nourishing primer for best effects.

I would suggest trying these primers out in stores and compare it to the HD Microperfecting primer to choose the right one for your skin type and concerns. The tube has 1oz/ 30ml of product, retails $42.

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