Alas! The time has come to welcome you all to view – – for the very first time, uncut, uninterrupted, and on the internet – – 2002′s MUGSHOTS. The very first film I’ve ever directed/edited/wrote/produced/distributed and it’s also 58 minutes long. So please be gentle.

MUGSHOTS (2002). Created by a group of friends in the South Shore of Nova Scotia, this part-documentary, part-experimental film is the end result of over a year of filming inspired by the likes of MTV’s Jackass, CKY, Tom Green, Pro Wrestling, and everything in between.

I have a whole-lotta love for this film. I believe that the elbow grease that went into creating this piece of VHS art laid the groundwork for a work ethic that I’ve adopted into acting, and other aspects of my life. This film, which is essentially an hour long d*ck & fart joke definitely portrays the mindset of myself and my friends almost a decade ago. D*cks & farts aside, this film is undoubtedly considered one of the great milestones of my adolescence. Please enjoy.

Mugshots on Vimeo

And for those of you who are well aware of the film, please enjoy the film’s first commentary track by myself. The commentary is courtesy of and is not embedded in the clip, so please play it over the film…

Thank you all, I hope you enjoy or were able to enjoy the film further!


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