Mumford Terminal Bus Stop Locations are Changing

Effective Sunday, February 28, 2010, Metro Transit will be moving its bus stop locations on the Mumford Terminal platform.

There will be two bus stop locations, the first being at the far side of the terminal platform (most distant from transit building), and the second being midway down the terminal platform.  Buses will proceed to the front of their new designated stop, with later buses pulling in behind buses already at the terminal. This will reduce traffic congestion, and passengers will no longer need to leave the transit platform to board their bus.

The first half of the Mumford Terminal platform will service the following routes:

  • 1 Spring Garden
  • 2 Downtown
  • 3 Manors
  • 14 Leiblin Park
  • 20 Herring Cove
  • 52 Lacewood
  • 58 Woodlawn

The far half of the Mumford Terminal platform will service the following routes:

  • 2 Wedgewood
  • 4 Rosedale
  • 5 Springvale
  • 6 Stonehaven
  • 9 Barrington
  • 15 Purcells Cove & Bayers Rd
  • 19 Fotherby
  • 20 Downtown
  • 23 Timberlea & Downtown

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