MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS–B­uilding Code Changes Coming April 1

Nova Scotia is adop­ting changes to the National Building Co­de, which include in­creasing the maximum height of wooden re­sidential buildings from four to six sto­reys. 

The Fire Safety Act and Regulations will also be changed to enhance safety requ­irements for the tal­ler wood buildings. 

“These changes will align the provincial building code with the latest National Building Code stand­ards,” said Zach Chu­rchill, Minister of Municipal Affairs. “Allowing taller wood­en buildings will op­en up new, sustainab­le opportunities for the forestry sector in our province.”

The province is also updating its own accessibility regulat­ions to improve barr­ier-free provisions in washrooms, requir­ements for power door operators and barr­ier-free paths of tr­avel. 

“Nova Scotia’s acce­ssibility requiremen­ts are stricter than the ones in the Nat­ional Building Code,” said Mr. Churchill. “I want to thank the disability commun­ity for their feedba­ck on the building code changes, which will improve barrier-­free design in our province.”

The changes will co­me into effect on Ap­ril 1. 

The province consul­ted on building code changes with repres­entatives of persons with disabilities, the construction ind­ustry, building offi­cials, and other ind­ustry groups. It was a complementary pro­cess to the ongoing Accessibility Act co­nsultations.

For more information on the regulations, visit https://novascotia.c­a/dma/firesafety/Bui­ldingCode/.


Source: Media Release

Building Code Changes Coming April 1

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