Municipal fires and impacts to municipal service updates – May 29, 5:30 p.m.

The Halifax Regional Municipality is advising residents of the following updates and impacts to municipal services as a result of the ongoing fires.

Donations and volunteering

The outpouring of support has been tremendous; however, the municipality is not able to receive either clothing or food at this time because our focus is on fighting the fire. As the event unfolds, we will have more information on what is needed. For safety, we are asking residents to stay away from the evacuation zone to allow first responders to do their work. 

Comfort centres and evacuation centre

Both the Black Point and Area Community Centre (8579 St Margarets Bay Road) and the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre (1583 Beaver Bank Road) comfort centres will close at 9 p.m. tonight, May 29.

However, if you need a facility this evening, the evacuation centre at the Canada Games Centre (26 Thomas Raddall Drive) will remain open 24 hours/ day until it is no longer needed. 

Evacuation information

Given the potential wind direction shift for tonight, there could be a change in the fire evacuation zone. Residents who are directed to evacuate are advised to bring their pets, important documents and medication with them, as well as supplies for 72 hours. See the most recent map for the evacuation area.

Residents in the current state of local emergency zone should have a bag packed as they may have limited time to leave their homes if required to evacuate on short notice.

All residents who have been required to evacuate must register with 311 (toll-free at 1.800.835.6428, 1.866.236.0020 for hearing impaired only line teletypewriter users (TTY)) as staff will follow-up when more information becomes available.

Residents continue to be reminded that the current evacuation orders are mandatory, which means residents must evacuate in accordance with local authorities, such as police, firefighters and ground search and rescue.

Residents are not allowed to return to their homes until they are advised that it is safe to do so by municipal authorities. Residents must remain clear of the area and refrain from filming and taking photos of the fire area, including flying personal drones.

This situation remains fluid; teams are out assessing the extent of damage. Further information will be made available to residents as soon as possible.

Solid Waste

Curbside collection of garbage is cancelled for the McCabe Lake area, Indigo Shores and Lucasville for Tuesday, May 30. Details regarding the return to service will be announced later this week.

Curbside collection of green cart/ recycling is cancelled for the Voyageur Way/ St George Boulevard areas on Tuesday, May 30. Materials will be collected in two weeks on the next regular green cart/ recycling collection day. Cancellation for this area is limited to the streets which have been evacuated.

Parks & Recreation

The Bedford-Hammonds Plains Community centre (202 Innovation Drive) will be closing at 4 p.m., Monday May 29. Residents are advised to call ahead to their respective facility for updates. Contact information for municipally-operated facilities is available online. 

Please visit our website or follow @hfxgov on Twitter for all fire updates and municipal services.

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