Music Sounds Better with Cannabis – Study Finds

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Cannabis – the modern man’s escapist tool and a great companion to have with you during those hard moments in life. However, cannabis isn’t only good for treating depression or act as a pain-relief. This wonderful plant can increase your sensitivity to music and let you truly appreciate the sweet sounds of a good piece.

We dare say that, after you give it a shot and combine weed and music, you’ll never be the same. Music will never sound the same and you might become hooked on this feeling right here and now. What gives rise to this heightened awareness and receptivity to music, though?

Cannabis affects auditory sensations

Researchers have proved that cannabis affects your senses in more ways than one. Your sensations and perceptions will become more sensitive, aware, and, you might say, superhuman in a way. This means you’ll see brighter colors, experience richer and stronger smells and tastes, as well as more beautiful and louder sounds.

With something like Bluefin Tuna cannabis strain, for instance, you can increase your musical experience above the norm. You can even enter a state of complete flow where nothing matters but the music you’re listening to. Normally, when you listen to music, you can’t focus entirely on it. You feel external sensations and you can’t help but pay attention to them.

With cannabis, all of that changes. You can focus entirely on the music, entering a state of total concentration and mindfulness. Scientists performed several tests to analyze the auditory stimulation effects of cannabis and they found that cannabis can:

  • Help you better recall lyrics
  • Perceive very subtle differences in sound and rhythm
  • Potentially produce synesthesia, where both visual and auditory stimuli become one

The reason why you’re able to fully commit to music when high is that your temporal perceptions get skewered. You feel as if you have more time to listen to each song in particular. Of course, that’s only your perception but the feelings are greatly enhanced either way.

The placebo effect might create a better setting for music

One other explanation of why cannabis can enhance auditory experiences is that of placebo effects. When you consume cannabis, you have certain expectations of it. For instance, it can help you relax and become euphoric. These effects are well-known around the world and many people who smoke cannabis expect this to happen. It’s not a surprise that it happens in the end.

We’re not saying that cannabis is a hoax, not by a long-shot. Instead, expectations might indeed modify your perception of sounds and music. Perhaps it creates a certain setting where you believe yourself to be more receptive to music, and you become more receptive as a result.

Whether the cannabis makes that happen or you trick your brain into delivering those sensations, it matters not. The cannabis achieves its purpose either way. Moreover, we have more than one study showing that cannabis isn’t only about placebo effects but about real therapeutic benefits as well.

The greatest musicians composed while high

Some of the world’s greatest musicians composed their songs and lyrics while being high, indeed. Take Snoop Dogg, for instance. The man’s quite famous, and it’s not only for his great music and artistic talent. He’s a renowned weed lover above all else. Many of his songs are about weed, in fact. And there are many such artists like Bob Marley, Brian Wilson, or even The Beatles, all of which used drugs to increase their creativity.

Seeing as though all of these artists used drugs as artistic fuel, it can mean one thing. Cannabis heightens your connection to music, leaving you in a mind-altered state where everything is about sounds and music. You might even notice some subtle hues (synesthesia) and auditory nuances that you missed before.

When creating music, a state of flow, and inspiration is paramount. You need to be focused and let your mind run wild, seeking those snappy lyrics and thinking of the perfect negative.  Even the highly-acclaimed astronomer and scientist Carl Sagan used cannabis to enrich his music-listening experiences throughout life.

He claimed cannabis alters his mind and perceptions in such a way that music sounds differently. If even Carl Sagan confirms the music-enhancing effects of cannabis, we need nothing else!

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