My Hubby’s on a Mancation – The Final Day

Hubby’s mancation is over. His plane lands soon then he has a torturous four hour drive and he’ll be back in time to wake me out of my cozy slumber fighting the dog for bed real estate sometime in the early morning hours of tomorrow.

I’ll reach for him and tell him how much I missed him grunt hello, roll over and continue my snorefest. The reunion can wait until a more decent hour.

I have to tell you… the place has gone to shit since he left. I’ve been on strike… and by strike I mean that I did the laundry, dishes and vacuumed. Some strike, eh? I have, however, stopped clearing the driveway. We got a few cms of snow a few days ago and I’ve resorted to backing in and out of the driveway instead of hauling out the snow blower again.

But his impending return has left me with a few questions and tasks:

  • Where is the dog going to sleep when hubby returns? Wacko has gotten used to lazing on the couch and sleeping in the bed. Not that I’ll miss her spooning with me…
  • I guess we have to put our clothes in the drawers before the drill sergeant comes back. Boo.
  • No more using the dishwasher for EVERYTHING…
  • I wonder if I can block out the expenditures for the last week on our online banking…
  • I’ll have to share the TV again. Thankfully The Bachelor is almost over the Olympics are over so I can go back to real life.
  • What do I do with the recycling wine bottles shopping bags pizza boxes parking ticket garbage?
  • I better make sure all the toilet paper rolls are empty full.
  • I hope he notices the 1.6 pounds I lost while he was gone… if not, watch out!
  • Is the cleaning lady available tonight for a last minute booking?
  • I’ll have to coach the kids tonight on our key messages. Have to make sure we’re all on the same page about the fun we had the hockey we skipped.

I joke… the house is pristine cough, cough and we’re looking forward to hubby’s return. I’m going to toast myself for not killing him for going to Mexico with my surviving the mancation. But wait until he finds out I “broke” the credit card…

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