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My Husband is on a Mancation – Day 2

I haven’t yet decided which is colder… the temperature outside or my heart?

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It snowed. Again. Last night. But. To make matters worse… school was cancelled.

I was cozy in my bed, dreaming that my boyfriend, Sidney Crosby, wanted to help me celebrate the gold medal he is going to win tomorrow when I heard someone whistle.

I knew it wasn’t Sidney because… well… we were smooching. Mmm.

But anyway, back to my story… the someone whistling wasn’t a someone at all. It was my phone. A text had come in from the school board. Classes cancelled for the day.

Of course school was cancelled, I had meetings today. School is ONLY cancelled when I have somewhere important to go. Curse you hubby and your winter mancation! This is all your fault.

I don’t know about your kids but mine are getting harder to get up in the morning. On one hand I appreciate their increasing love affair with sleeping in but… on days when school MIGHT be cancelled? THEY ARE UP WITH THE BIRDS! Seriously. Get back to bed. Now. Jerks.

I got up two hours two minutes after the kids and made them a smoothie a hearty breakfast then had to snow blow the driveway FOR THE SECOND DAY OF THE MANCATION (I’m keeping count in a spreadsheet). I was particularly angry about the weather today knowing my worse other half was in a warm climate.

Again, I thoroughly cleared the driveway (that’s a lie) and came back in to have some hot coffee. I forgot to put the cup under the hot stream of coffee in the Tassimo (insert curse words here, my mom and dad read my blog). After a second (successful) attempt at coffee, I sat down to catch up on email.

Lo and behold, hubby was on Skype! He arrived in Mexico safe and sound yesterday (note to self: cancel the plans to spend the insurance money this week). After a quick chat he was gone again, off to arrange golf games for the week. Me? I was off to arrange for a Mexican hit man…

All of a sudden the back door blew open and snapped me out of my hit man plan… Wacko saw this as an opportunity to go on tour. She galloped out the door and around the neighbourhood for a good ten minutes. Coldness once again gripped my heart. I wanted to call the SPCA but then I thought of the children… cozy in the house while I chased this animal from house to house. She finally came back when coaxed in with a leftover sandwich… I think she really is a man.

I then spent some time on work watching the Canadian women win gold in curling while sending some emails and arrange for a babysitter so I could get to my meeting. I then realized that the meeting would conflict with the women’s gold medal hockey game. I was conflicted but my professional self won out and off I went. After the meeting, I had to listen to the remaining minutes of the the third period on the radio (not the same as watching it on TV in case you were wondering), sped home at an alarming rate (sorry, Mom) and made it just in time to do the ugly cry when the women won GOLD!

This is turning into a novel! So skip to the end of the day. I put red coloured mousse on the girls’ hair for red and white day tomorrow at school. I now look like I actually murdered hubby with my bare hands instead of hiring the hit man… needless to say, I didn’t use gloves.

Oh well, at least my hands match my red wine. So cheers to me for surviving day 2. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s adventures. I think I’ll go fill up my flask now and put it in my purse. I do like to be proactive

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