My kind of sportswear

L-A: Damn. I am sick again (how unfair is that?). Either that or it’s my allergies. Hard to say. Anyway, since I just got off work and feel like trash, I’m going to go into some old archives of posts we’ve started in the past and never got around to finishing. That’s why I’m not talking about anything remotely recent.

So, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Spring/Summer collection from Lacoste because I hated their choice of dusty rose as a key part of their colour palate (thanks for nothing Pantone Spring Colour Report).  I hate dusty rose with a passion. It should go back to my mom’s living room couch, circa 1987 and stay there.  Having said that, I was not completely opposed to the entire line as I do love sportswear that looks like this:


Just look how adorable this dress is! (fyi: the dress is part of the Madras collection). I’m not sure what sport she’s supposed to be playing (I guess she could wear it to a tennis match), but that’s what I love about the whole thing: it’s just called sportswear! No one is actually expecting you to play any kind of sport when you look that adorable. Not that Lacoste didn’t start off as actual sportswear:


As Nerd Boyfriend shows us, René Lacoste was indeed a tennis player (he’s the one with the crocodile on his jacket, natch. You don’t really need to know the names of the other dudes, although they were apparently quite good at tennis) and a stylish one at that.  I much prefer this look to that of tennis stars of today:

tennis-fashion-agassi sharapovaserena

Seriously. What was up with that outfit Andre? Okay, the photo may be a bit dated (does Andre even play pro tennis anymore? I wouldn’t know)…but I think it proves my point: men’s tennis fashions have been on a steady decline. Women’s haven’t been much better, although they had to spend some time getting rid of bustles and stocking before they could start to get worse.  And while Nike and the Sharapova girl have some thing cute going on there, the Williams sister (Serena?)? Not so much. I know these athletes are all about “performance” and wicking and junk when they choose an outfit. But come on. A little style would go a long way.

But I digress.

Point is, there is a way to look cute while wearing sportswear. Even if you have not intention of picking up a racket or whatever.  Another shining example from Lacoste is this outfit:


While I am not completely in love with the scarf on the head, I otherwise think the Lacoste Hamptons collection is delightful. This look totally channels Barbara Streisand as Katie Morosky in The Way We Were, the parts where Hubbell (Robert Redford) and Katie are first in California and super happy.  I approve.

And finally, check out these two adorable poppets in Lacoste:


Children dressed like retro tennis pros from the 1970s or 80s or something! How cute is that?  They totally give younger John McEnroe a run for his stylish money. (and is just me, or has John McEnroe gotten better looking with age? [insert cricket sound here]. Just me? Well, okay then).

If summer had actually bothered to come to Nova Scotia, I would have wanted my summer wardrobe to make it appear that I’m always on my way to a very stylish tennis match or a very stylish cruise around the harbour. I wouldn’t be doing either, but the important thing is that I would look like I am and I’d look good doing it. As it is, the adorable Lacoste sun dress I bought in California hasn’t seen the light of day since I left there in May and I’ve hardly been able to break in my pair of adorable green Lacoste wedges from last summer.  What is up summer? I want to be dressed like I’m on my way to Wimbeldon or something.

Okay, Ally’s turn.  Any thoughts on this super stylish, not exactly sporty, sportswear? I’m a fan. Although, I never pay full price my Lacoste (hello, outlets!), which makes it easier to love.

ALLYG: We  both suck today. I’m up against a big deadline so I’m going to have to put away all my awesome post writing-ness until Monday. I’ll bring it. I swear.  Also, how about this. We have some awesome readers. Do you guys have anything you want me to share on the blog for you? I’m sharing not being lazy. There’s a difference. In the meantime, can I hold you over with my favourite songs of the week?

We’re bringing it back a bit with this classic speaker jam by Jermaine Stewart.

Speaker Jam (Pron:Speeker’Jam): A song that gets you all riled up when you have had too many vodka sodas (with lime!) ending up with you shaking your thing on a speaker in a packed bar. Sometimes with your skirt tucked in  your underpants.

And this new one by Sean Kingston. For my first girls’ night out next  year I’m making a cd and dancing on someone’s table top. Who’s with me?

L-A is going to “maim me” when she reads this. I totally take advantage of her when she’s not feeling well.

Ally xoxo

P.S. I’m wearing a $10 Zellers maternity dress and I already got TWO compliments. Shorty fire buuuuuuurning on the dance flooooooor.

A Cup Of Tea and A Song.

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