My Name Necklace

We don’t talk about jewelry enough on this blog even though it is another passion of mine. I have wanted a monogram necklace for a while and was excited to receive one from My Name Necklace Canada for review.

My Name Necklace items are customized to the name or word of your choice, and so is the chain length (14″, 16″, 18″, 20″ or 22″). Something about customized jewelry that is always tempting to me. It’s the feeling of owning something proudly or displaying who you are/ what you feel/ what important to you openly.

This was how the necklace arrived – in a cute off-white paper box with a pink ribbon bow. Great for a gift, no need for extra gift wrapping.

The design I chose was the Sparkling Diamond-Cut Sterling Silver “Carrie” Style Name necklace, with the word “Sparkled” to honour this blog 🙂

The pendant is made out of solid sterling silver (0.925), 0.7mm/ 0.03″ thick and 6-11 mm/ 0.2-0.4″ high. The diamond cut finish sparkles a lot, which is what I wanted 🙂 I am happy with how it looks and feels for the amount it costs, but I wish there was an option to choose its size. I want to keep this piece for a long time and would prefer at least 1mm thick pendants (personal choice).

The chain is a basic sterling silver box chain, holds the pendant well but is delicate. I chose the 16″ length (the shortest available). Again, if there was a choice for even shorter chain or thicker chain, I’d go for it, as I like necklaces like this closer to  the base of my neck and wear them very often. I had to constantly remind myself to be gentle with the necklace, just to be on the safe side 🙂

This is me modelling the necklace. You can see where it hangs on my neck and how sparkly it is.

This necklace is $79.95 regularly, on sale for $39.95 at the moment, with free world wide shipping.The customization requires more time to be ready to ship (up to 18 days).

All in all, the necklace is worth it at the sale price. Love the cut and clarity of the word.Options on the thickness of both the pendant and the chain would add values to the pieces. More customization means happier customers 🙂

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