My New (to me) Baby!

I’m SOOO freaking excited that we are finally a two car family!!!!!  These past several years have been extremely tough sharing a vehicle.  No more early early mornings for me. Hard to believe I can get up at a reasonable time of 630am instead of 500am!!  Whoot!
Hubby’s parents gave us an awesome deal on this 2002 Honda Accord. 

I think it’s even better than the Mazda 3 we bought the summer before last.  Funny because it’s a few years older… but this baby has heated leather seats (!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE that feature, already tried it out.) Plus an awesome stereo system….
And a sun roof to boot! 🙂

Oh and just for the heck of it, here’s what MIL traded up for. Please, no drooling….

Of course hubby & I took her out for a test drive….where else would be go but over to Holly & Dean’s….  Doesn’t he look great driving it? :) 
Yup, she’s definitely purdy. 🙂 But I’m seriously content with the Honda. 

Off to work out. Night Bloggies

It’s Coming!

Santa was his usual jolly self during Bedford's annual Santa Claus Parade on Sunday evening. See photos from the parade below.

Santa’s new ride