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My Political Career and it’s relationship to the Holy Grail

Today I was asked to resume my blogging for Haligonia.ca which I enjoyed doing briefly earlier in the year.  When I asked what I should blog about, Steve gave me a wide berth for which I am grateful as I have many opinions on various topics.  So the first topic had to be about my current loss in the Municipal Election, my bout of pneumonia, the untimely death of my 1998 Honda, the unrelated cooking fiasco (where I simultaneously blew up a crock pot and the stove)  and my future and its relationship to Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.
The last week has been an internal Hell for me.  Losing the election has been quite the blow to my world.  My work was my passion. It meant everything to me.  I lived and breathed to serve the people of the municipality.  So the big question everyone is posing to me is “what now?”  “What are you going to do next?” “We are all waiting to hear what your next move is.”  Simple answer is, I don’t know.

12 years of public service and I have no idea where to focus my passion, my skills, and my energy. As a single 45 year old, what do you do when you are unemployed? How do you regroup and persevere while battling pneumonia and trying to finish up my term with a brave face.  Not an easy task!

While feverish and swaddled in blankets it dawned on me (pardon the pun) that my dark days are not as bad as they could be.  So I rooted through my sparse DVD collection and found my answer.  Monty Python’s The Holy Grail.  The bring out your dead scene was what I was searching for as it reminded me of my newly deteriorated political career.  The dying man interjecting that he is “Not Dead Yet” is what struck a chord with me.  Morbid dark humour, yes.  It did lighten my spirits briefly.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not dead yet.  I do need time to grieve losing the best job ever.  I need to grieve the death of my crock pot and my trusty Honda.  I need to regroup and refocus my passion and energy.  I need for those who supported me to understand I will need their support in the transition from public official to citizen, but right now I need a little space to clear out 12 years of paperwork from my home and to start a new chapter in my life.

PS: I do want to thank those citizens, business and municipal staff who have supported me and those who aided me over the 12 years.  I especially want to thank the Councillor’s support staff:  Nadine, Lynn, Brenda, and Margo.  Each of you really contributed to the quality of work which I was trying to achieve for the community

Next Blog: The Ironic Twist Fate Throws at You.

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