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My Prince Edward Island Vacation

My Prince Edward Island Vacation

For the past 10 days I’ve been on vacation back home, visiting my family.  I hadn’t been home in over a year and what better reason to go and visit home than for my mom’s 50th birthday!  Yup, that’s right, my mom is just a baby!

For those of you who don’t know, I’m from a very small island on the East Coast of Canada called Prince Edward Island.  I was born and raised there until the age of 18, when I moved away for school and my career.

P.E.I. is known for it fishing, farming, it’s golf courses and tourism.  We have wonderful beaches, great food and the people are honestly the nicest I’ve ever come across, anywhere I’ve travelled in the world.

My family is really close and it was an amazing trip home and I’m so happy I got to see and spend time with them.  The birthday party for my mom was a lot of fun.  My brother and I built a stage in our yard for a small 5 band concert he had set up for her, but it poured rain and we had to move it inside.  We still had a great party and my mom had a wonderful time. I got up on stage for the first time ever, one of my biggest fears in life, and sang with my brother and we didn’t shut ‘er down until around 4am.

The rest of my week was spent working on my brother’s building that he just purchased, golfing, sightseeing and working out a bit.  I got to go to the Summerside CrossFit gym twice, which I’ll write about later this week, and I went for a run.  I didn’t stay 100% true to my Paleo diet, eating a bit of dairy, a bit of bread, some hot dogs and I DID drink a lot of beer, and my body is hating me for it.  But, I’m home now and things are back on track and even just after working out once, I feel a lot better.

The biggest news that comes from the East is that I spontaneously asked the amazing woman in my life to marry me and she said yes.  This wasn’t planned at all, but I knew it was right, and in the words of my younger brother, “what the hell are you waiting for?”.

The whole trip was amazing and below I want to share a few of my pics.

IMG_2264 IMG_2265 IMG_2282 IMG_2287 IMG_2302 IMG_4585 IMG_4588 IMG_4593 IMG_4595 IMG_4654 IMG_4671 IMG_4673 IMG_4747 IMG_4751 IMG_4761 IMG_4764 IMG_4766 IMG_4770 IMG_4771 IMG_4773 IMG_4776 IMG_4779 IMG_4799 IMG_4804 IMG_4814 IMG_4817 IMG_4824 IMG_4826 IMG_4828 IMG_4832

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