My stash – Goldie

These little babies are Goldie. I called it a mystery brand when doing some research for the New-to-me polish brands post. Check back to that post for a bit of history on the brand.

In Canada, I found Goldies at Winners, sold as sets. The first batch that appeared at Winners way back last October are the trios, sold for CAD5.99/set. Then, in January, came the 8-pc sets (in the picture) at CAD9.99 each. Price point was certainly better, but some bottles didn’t have the cute little bows. The lids were still sealed, so it wasn’t somebody’s act that made them disappeared, lol, still I couldn’t understand why they didn’t put bows on all bottles.

I own 2 sets of these, a wide range of colours with different finishes (cream, foil, shimmer, glitters, etc). I haven’t tried any of the shades, as I feel bad breaking them up, lol. They look lovely together, in the box.

I don’t think there are individual names for these colours which would be a pain if I found a favorite or two among them and wanted to remember them.

The second picture is just the flip side of the first picture, to show you all 8 shades from each box. The boxes are quite lovely with patterns, and sturdy cardboard top and bottom. Don’t you feel like to put them up on display instead of using them, lol. I know I’m silly.

I saw Goldie sometimes on nail blogs, some good and some not-so-good shades, but I’m still happy I found these. Winners seems to be a happy place most of the time I come in. Maybe too happy, as a matter of fact 🙂

Hope everyone has been having a good week. It was raining yesterday but it was sunny and warm late afternoon. I opened my window for the first time this year. It looks like a nice day today too.

Also, thank you to those of you who participated in my GOSH giveaway. Hope you guys could help me spread the words. If it goes well, there’ll be more giveaways to come, promise!

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