My stash – Gosh

How’s everyone today? I’m coming down with a cold, not a very exciting weekend, is it? 🙂

This is my little stash of Gosh nail polish. I didn’t start hauling their polish until I realized they were only CAD6 a bottle. They used to be a round CAD13, so I didn’t come anywhere near them before. Then some old collections were cleared out at half price (CAD3), so here’s what I have been collection.

From L-R: Bright Passion, Black Passion, Purple Heart, Gasoline, Ocean, Golden Dragon and Blue Monday.

I’m so sad to miss out on Gosh Rainbow and Holographic, as they were around before I noticed the brand. Don’t understand why they don’t make them part of permanent line, as they are among the most awesome Gosh polish colours. Can’t wait for another 40% off sale on Gosh products at Shoppers, so I can get a few more products.

Talking about Gosh, I am contemplating a giveaway with some fun products from the brand. Are you ladies interested?

Sad that the weather is back to grey/ not sunny today. I’m off to take some meds, see you all later.

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