My sweet Sony’s come back to me!

My Sony camera has found his way back to me!  My poor camera, lost and alone in the wilds of Winnipeg, Manitoba since last summer, has trekked through acres of prairie land, forged rivers, crossed the ocean, and made his way home to my loving arms.  Sony was mighty hungry after that journey: needed a good two hours to recharge his battery, but his memory was intact and he was still in good condition.  And that’s all that matters.  He is now making friends with my new camera, Samsung.  They’re a bit cautious of each other.  It’s a well known fact that cameras are territorial.  Just yesterday I had to break up a fight (they were trying to push each other over with their lenses) but I think they’ll learn to get along.  Maybe I’ll keep them in separate handbags for awhile.  Samsung seems to get along better with Adam anyway, so I think they will each get enough attention to be satisfied.



I’m quite happy to have the old camera back.  Sony’s a great little camera.  We understand each other.  Sure, Samsung has a touch screen and a front-side image so I can take self-portraits, but she’s a bit too new-fangled for my taste.  Besides, Sony and I have history.  We go way back.  Sony is my best pal at work, where I am the Head of the Oncology department.  And I helped him through rehab when he had that nasty Vicodin addiction.

Sorry.  I’ve been watching a lot of House M.D. lately.

Thanks to the folks at MCI for finding and returning my Sony to me – case, battery, memory and all – after so many months!  It’s nice to know there are still honest folk in the world.

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