My Vote A Vote for The People’s Mayor

When I was not happy with the top five candidates that the Media was putting out front and central I went looking for a candidate I could support. I was looking for a candidate with a workable plan. I was looking for a candidate who cared. I was looking for for a candidate who understood the backbone of the city of my birth, the city that I love.

I found Mr Syed in my Twitter stream. He had followed me because well most of the time I talk and write about how to save money. How to stretch money-qualities a good mayor will have to have. I then met Mr Syed at Eid prayers in downtown Toronto in September. After speaking with him I decided then that he had my vote.

I again would meet Mr Syed as we both volunteered to help in the immediate aftermath of the 200 Wellesley Street fire. It was there I saw how much he truely cared and how he wanted to help. Again good qualities for a people’s mayor. Another quality was the way he was able to galvanize others to help as well. Several came to help after reading his tweets.His desire to help the residents of 200 Wellesley did not stop at the Friday. He along with several volunteers organized and held the first fundraiser to help the residents.

I have also read his Vision 2020. It is the most comprehensive of all the candidates. It is a well thought out plan that is actually do able. It is a workable plan.We would actually have a better city with Mr Syed in the mayors chair.

I challenge you to read it, then decide who you think can best lead this city. Then Vote!

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