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In honor of celebrating Parm Night, I decided to make a gluten free sharp cheddar mac and cheese served with the delicious parm crisps recipe from Sobeys as a garnish, and of course some vino.  I mean the cheese is Italian, so it’s only right there’s wine.
If you’re a little late the party, here’s a post to help you get caught up! The cliffnotes version is that parm night is basically a sweet online party for cheese nerds like me, and a super fun way for you to win a $250 gift basket from Sobeys. FIY if you like cheese you best go read that post, so you don’t miss out. And make sure to use the hashtag #myparmnight when posting your recipes.

As mentioned above I made a mac and cheese, and used the parm crisps recipe from Sobeys (grab that here) as a fun little crispy garnish. When thinking about how to incorporate the crisps and the mountain cheese into a recipe I thought of an infinite number of ideas, but I couldn’t help, but think about how I loved the idea of using the crisps as a topping or garnish. (A) it’s unexpected, and I’m always looking for fun ideas to make things look (and taste) fancy. (B) it’s basically like ensuring that the best part of a casserole (you know the part everyone fights over) is on everyone’s dish, and is still crispy by the time it gets to them! 

In terms of entertaining, this was a win because I could make one giant batch of mac and cheese (and please feel free to make your family favorite), and simply added two little crisps on top of each serving with some additional parsley for added color.

Initially I placed the little crisps off to the side which for sure calls attention to them in a much more bold way, and then I also kind of like them placed directly on top. You could go either way depending on your preference, but either way I’m sure your guests will be intrigued and asking about them. 

Looks like something you’d get in a fancy resto no? And it’s actually SO easy to put together which is really important when you have guests over I mean you don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen all night by yourself slaving over your “fancy dinner”.  Just make these little crisps ahead of time (you can make them up to two days in advance), and you could even make your mac and cheese ahead of time too if you wanted, and just pop it into the oven before everyone arrives. Once everything is nice and bubbly simply serve with your parm crisps a little extra mountain cheese (you can never have enough) and presto you’re done! Then just be sure to keep the wine coming :)

Side note because I know I’ll get questions about this later, if you’re interested in these super cool stemless lead free crystal glasses (I’m obsessed with their shape) you can find those at your local Think Kitchen stores or where ever Trudeau Cuisine products are sold. Be sure to check out their website, so you can see where they are sold in your area by clicking here.

How are you celebrating parm night? Be sure to find me on social media later today I’m obsessed with this cheese, so I want to know as many recipes as possible! Tweet, or tag me @shortpresents on instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #myparmnight to win!

Buena serata ! 

Short Presents 

*This post was sponsored by Sobeys however all opinions expressed are my own.

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