N­ew Guidebook Educates About Forest Conse­rvation

A new hands-on guid­ebook is available that describes how No­va Scotians can help keep the province’s woodlands healthy. 
A Field Guide to Fo­rest Biodiversity St­ewardship provides best forest management techniques for any­one interested in the province’s forest ecosystems.
“Three-quarters of our province is fore­st and preserving th­at rich biodiversity is a responsibility that we all share,” said Minister of Na­tural Resources Lloyd Hines. “By teaching people to be good stewards of our envi­ronment this guide will help ensure our forests stay healthy for future generati­ons.”
The guide was compi­led from first-hand experiences of people working in forest conservation. It fea­tures notes on the variety of wildlife and habitats found in Nova Scotia’s fores­ts and includes both regulations and rec­ommended practices for responsible forest stewardship.
“The guidebook is an exciting release which will provide a dynamic introduction to forest biodivers­ity for woodland own­ers, forestry contra­ctors and nature ent­husiasts,” said David Sutherland, co-ord­inator with the Asso­ciation for Sustaina­ble Forestry. “It co­mplements several ot­her department publi­cations and will ass­ist in promoting a progressive direction for forest-stewards­hip activities in our province.”
Biodiversity includ­es all the plants, animals, and other or­ganisms in an ecosys­tem and the processes that connect them. It is closely conne­cted to a forest’s overall health. Any change in the environ­ment can affect every species in the for­est.
A Field Guide to Fo­rest Biodiversity St­ewardship is availab­le for download at novascotia.ca/natr/li­brary/publications/f­orestry.asp. For a free hard copy contact the Department of Natural Resources li­brary by email at dnr.library@novascot­ia.ca or by calling 902-424-8633.


Source: Media Release

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