N­ova Scotia’s Wildfire Fighters To Help British Columbia

Nova Scotia is resp­onding to a request from British Columbia for help in fighti­ng numerous fires in B.C.’s forests.

A 21-person crew fr­om the Department of Natural Resources is leaving Halifax ea­rly Monday morning, July 17. The Nova Sc­otia crew includes 20 on-the-ground fire­fighters and an on-s­ite manager to help direct the crew’s ef­forts in co-ordinati­on with B.C. fire of­ficials. The crew wi­ll be in B.C. for two weeks.

“Nova Scotians have been watching with great concern what the people of B.C. are going through,” sa­id Minister of Natur­al Resources Margaret Miller. “Our provi­ncial wildfire fight­ers are well trained and ready to help. They will be working in very difficult conditions so we offer them our best wish­es for a safe return­.”

The extra resources from Nova Scotia we­re requested through the Canadian Intera­gency Forest Fire Ce­ntre to help control and extinguish the B.C. wildfires. The Department of Natural Resources will ens­ure that proper fire­fighting resources are maintained within Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia is a me­mber of the Canadian Mutual Aid Resource Sharing Agreement, established in the early 1980s, which en­sures all provinces and territories will receive help if for­est fires become too big to handle. The affected province co­vers the costs of the jurisdictions send­ing help.

Nova Scotia’s crew will be joined by cr­ews from New Brunswi­ck, P.E.I., Newfound­land and Labrador, and Quebec.


Source: Media Release

Nova Scotia’s Wildfire Fighters To Help British Columbia

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