Nail polish rings

If you are deep in the nail polish world like me, you would have heard about nail polish jewelry. Yes, a layer of real nail polish is encased in there, and we wear it. Cool huh?

I have 2 rings to show you today, haven’t got any pendants or earrings yet. Future purchase maybe 🙂

My first ring is from Ginger Kitty Designs on etsy. Tracey makes custom jewelry where you can choose the nail polish from the list of colours she has. If she doesn’t have the colour, you can send her a small amount of the nail polish and she will make the jewelry with that.

The ring came in a nice white paper box, with her store logo on one side and the note “Thank you” on another.

The second ring was a surprised gift.

I was doing a swap with Jette at Vetten’s Blog – Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure for Gosh Holographic, an ideal swap, don’t you think? Gosh Holographic was my long time lemming, but when I saw this ring in the package, I gasped. She included it as an extra, I couldn’t believe it! Jette made quite a few rings just for fun, to wear or to swap with. I think she should start selling them, cause the one she sent me is awesome.

Here they are on my hand.

The purple ring is called Liquid Euphora Bliss ring. Bliss is a multi-chrome colour from Liquid Euphoria. Was discontinued a long time ago, very highly sought after. I thought if I couldn’t have the nail polish, I should at least have the ring 🙂

My crappy camera couldn’t capture the duo chrome effect, you can check out how many colours Bliss has (I counted at least 4) from the pics on the site (follow the link above).
Tracey often has a discount code posted on her blog or twitter, so keep an eye out if you plan a purchase. Note that the ring is small. I have small fingers to compare it with, just so you know.

Jette made the ring she sent me with Catherine Arley 667 and OPI Black Shatter on top.

Catherine Arley is another brand that makes some good holo nail polish, cheap but is only available at one website that takes quite long to ship. You might have seen lots of swatches of these holos on nail blogs all over the world. I’m so happy to own a Catherine Arley colour, in the form of a ring lol. And the shatter effect? So ME!

I like Jette’s ring a little better as it has a sturdy rim to hide away the part where the top and base of the ring meet. It is also a bit larger. But most of all, I like it because it was an unexpected gift, a RAOK. I want to maybe buy or swap a few more rings from Jette, like the Ozotic Pro Elytra 528 she just posted, or maybe a necklace lol. The idea of wearing HTF nail polish as jewelry excites me.
What do you think about nail polish jewelry? Would you wear them?


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