NATURAL RESOURCES–Fires Update, Friday, Aug. 12, at Noon

Photo via NS Government

Following is a provincial fire update for Friday, Aug. 12, at noon.

-- there are no significant changes from the 9 a.m. update
-- this morning's fog was beneficial to firefighting efforts, though the fog has now cleared
-- the fire at Ten Mile Lake, Queens Co., has been flaring up in spots but continues to be 100 per cent contained
-- the fire at Round Hill, Annapolis Co., is now declared out and will no longer be included in future updates
-- there are now air quality advisories in place for Pictou, Antigonish and Guysborough counties related to the fire near Perch Lake, south of Pictou
-- there are also still air quality warnings for Annapolis, Kings, Lunenburg and Queens counties
-- please remember that smoke and humidity are affecting air quality, and young children, the elderly, people with allergies, heart or lung conditions are most at risk. Symptoms include irritated eyes, increased mucus production in the nose or throat, coughing, or difficulty breathing, especially during exercise 
-- if you are sensitive to air quality or humidity, you may want to stay indoors, or somewhere that is cool. Spend time in an air-conditioned place - such as a library, indoor sports facility, mall or other public place 
-- if you have an air conditioner at home, set it to "re-circulate" and keep it running 
-- keep your doors and windows closed to avoid letting in polluted air, and avoid strenuous indoor activities as well as outdoor ones 
-- if you have health concerns, contact 811 or your health-care provider
-- more information can be found at
Source: Media Release

Fires Update, Friday, Aug. 12, at Noon

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