Naughty Cookie Company

I met Dawn Emson, owner of the Naughty cookie company at a work function as I was painstakingly deciding which of her scrumptious samples of biscotti to choose. In the end, I sampled all four – are you surprised? My personal favorite was the Holiday Ginger Nut, combining my favorite type of nut with my favorite uh…root? The following is a list of yummy biscotti offered on her website.

Holiday Ginger Nut~This gingerbread Dunking Optional Biscotti is filled with heaps of Macadamia nuts and spices…biscottilicious with a cup of steamed milk or hot cocoa…

The Original Christmas Biscotti~Just in time for Christmas, this Dunking Optional Biscotti is filled with cherries, and more cherries (red and green of course) and slivered almonds…with the texture similar to shortbread…it reminds me of my grandmother’s cookies she baked with love every Christmas…and trust is not enough!

Canadian Maple Crunch~gives you just that…a crunch of pecans in a light maple biscotti (made with 100% pure Nova Scotia maple syrup)…you can’t eat just one…

Double Double~For the real coffee lover… try this new addiction. Take espresso and add DOUBLE the chocolate, then to ‘top’ it off with DOUBLE roasted espresso beans and you have got Double Double…Enjoy!

Visit Dawn’s website at for details!

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