naughty food

This looks so good but it is SO BAD! I snapped it at the ChickenBurger, a drive-in near Halifax that has been hopping for over 50 years! What is cool about this pic is where it is being used at the moment. One of my personal heroes, Jamie Oliver, has it on his Food Revolution page! It is an example of what NOT to eat:) Oh well….. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page.) If you have not seen this new show of his, try to do so, it is a real eye opener. I really enjoyed the first two episodes. Fridays at 9 EST on ABC.

Funnily enough, another picture of mine I came across by accident was used for this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show poster:) Such fun to stumble across them, always takes me by surprise, you know, the old double take! I have some of my pics for sale through a few microstock companies and that is where they were purchased. Nice to think of them being busy out there in the world rather than gathering dust on my hard drive:)

Also, there is a spot in my Sensational Snapshot Society e-course up for grabs:) It starts on Friday…..I am so excited:) Pop over here to SuzietheFoodie’s blog for a chance to win if you are interested.

Tee off for Kid Sport Nova Scotia

Finally, I Found A Whey!