Nautical Stripe Challenge Day 3: Not quite Serena

L-A: Today’s photo was taken in a very public place – the NSCC Waterfront campus – so that should get me a few points for humilation. However, I fell short on matching today’s inpsiration: Serena Van der Woodsen.  I know! That is unexpected inspiration, especially since Gaga wears pants more often than Serena.  But I’m talking about pilot episode Serena. Fully clothed, no sequins in sight Serena.

I pretty much love that outfit. I liked it when Serena dressed like your average filthy rich teenager instead of an extra on Dynasty with all the sequins and shoulder pads.

But when I first looked it up as a reminder for my outfit, I didn’t look close enough and I missed the scarf. I promise you, I would have worn a scarf if I had seen it. I’m disappointed in myself and fully expect to lose some points for that.  I am not carrying Vuitton suitcases to school, but I did pose with my satchel.  I’m sticking with the striped bag because it fits my camera bag and seriously? That satchel is heavy and kind of awkward. A chunky purse would make for a very awkward day.

Okay, now that I’ve made excuses, here is today’s outfit:

Outfit breakdown:

Nautical stripes: Ancient Isaac Mizrahi for Fairweather. That shirt has long been relegated to being layered under sweaters, but I am so committed to this project that I am wearing it as the Main Event.

layers: Joe Fresh tank top

Jacket: Not a leather peacoat like Serena’s. I could have done a peacoat, but opted for similar colours instead. The jacket is an Gap number that once belonged to J.Lau.

Jeans:  CJ by Cookie Johnston from Foreign Affair, another Big Day Downtown purchase.

Boots: rockports, purchased for $20 at a yard sale a few years ago. A woman was selling all kinds of size 10 shoes that she had worn once.

Jewellery: Tiffany key necklace, Jen Bennett earrings (from Love, Me), jade ring that my aunt made for my mom’s 16th birthday, and Kate Spade bangles (that you might not be able to see).

I am seriously sad that I didn’t spot the scarf in that photo. Sadfaces.  Also a sadfaces because it was crazy humid and the layers plus wool jacket meant I was sweating like crazy this morning. No funsies.  Anyway, tomorrow’s outfit should hopefully step things up a bit.  I’m trying to go big or go home, but the challenge has its limitations. The main limitation is that I always wear striped shirts. It’s what I do, so it’s hard to take my everyday outfits and take them up a notch for the blog.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with the song that opens up the pilot episode of Gossip Girl in hopes that you’ll forget and/or forgive today’s scarf indescretion:


Nova Scotia Designers Dress The TIFF Peeps

Conceit by Mary Novik