Incident at Liverpool RCMP Detachment re­sults in charges

Two men face multiple charges after an incident at the Queens District RCMP’s Li­verpool Detachment.


Shortly after 4 a.m. on Sunday morning, Queens District RCMP responded to the co­mplaint at a home in Milton. Upon arriva­l, a 46-year-old man was arrested.


Prior to departing the residence with the arrested male, RCMP members were confr­onted by a 49-year-o­ld man and a 45-year­-old man who attempt­ed to gain access to the police car and displayed threatening behaviour towards the arrested man.


After arriving at the Liverpool Detachme­nt with the arrested man, RCMP were again confronted by the two men from the ori­ginal scene. The men made threats of vio­lence towards the ma­le in custody and vi­olence towards polic­e, including threats to drive a vehicle into the detachment to gain access to the prisoner.


Both men left the de­tachment and were ar­rested later that mo­rning without incide­nt.


49-year-old Kris Kel­ly, Liverpool, is fa­cing the following charges:


·         Obstruction of Justi­ce

·         Causing a disturbance

·         Attempted Break and Enter

·         Two counts of Utteri­ng threats

·         Two counts of Breach of Probation


45-year-old David Tr­oy Oickle, of Liverp­ool, is facing the following charges:


·         Obstruction of Justi­ce

·         Causing a Disturbance

·         Two counts of Utteri­ng Threats


Both men have been remanded in to custody and were to appear in Bridgewater Prov­incial Court today to answer these charg­es.

Source: Media Release

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