Negative is Only a Number

Last night after I finished blogging I made a mistake. Waaaay up hiding on the top shelf of our kitchen cupboards was a bag that contained the on remaining apple turnover from this past weekend.

I avoided it Sunday night and I avoided it Monday night. But last night…not exactly. I did think about the consequences before I heated it up. They look a little something like this:
negativeEven though I knew it would put me in the negative, I still ate it and it was mostly good. Not as good as I remembered though, which was disappointing. I rationalized eating it because I have 3 full days left. I’ll be getting at least 2 solid works outs in so I’ll be out of the red before the end of the week.

It’s this type of thing that I’ve struggled with. The past several months if I was over my calories or points mid-week I took it as a free for all and said I would “start over again next week.” I don’t know how many times I’ve said that actually. Too many to count. But I’m not giving up the next 3 days. I want to see a loss on that scale on Saturday morning and I will.

Since re-joining WWs Online I’ve been tiptoeing around the message boards again. They usually are just full of drama and nasty people (which is what led me to blogging) but there was a great little post hidden in the 100lbs to Lose section yesterday that I wanted to share. This one person was talking about the meaning of the word FAIL. A popular word in blogland lately. She reminded us that we should look at FAIL as First Attempt In Learning. How great is that? So many of us give up on something after one try because they feel they tried and just couldn’t do it. But in reality, not too many people can get perfect something on their first attempt. You start off slowly, learn from your mistakes and get better over time. It’s the way it is.

My pictures came out horrible this morning, the lighting is really bad in pretty much all areas of my house. 🙁 Hopefully after our painting party and switching out a few light bulbs that won’t be the case anymore.

Breakfast this morning was one of my fav combos: egg + cream cheese. Don’t know it til ya tried it! 😉 One slice of whole wheat toast with 1 tbsp light cream cheese, sprinkle of green onions topped with a pan fried egg.

Along with green smoothie to go! I couldn’t resist another one, yesterday’s was so delicious! Same ingredients – scoop of Lean Whey Strawberry Raspberry Cream, UVAB, strawberries, banana, baby spinach & ice. This stuff rocks! Hubby loved how fluffy the Lean Whey it made the smoothie too. 😉 Thanks again Prairie Naturals.

Someone asked about the protein content, 1 scoop has 12g. I’m pretty pleased that I can get 12g of protein for only 60 calories. 🙂

Hope you all have a great day!

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