New 155-unit building approved for Bedford West area

More housing is coming to Bedford West as the Province and Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) work together to issue a development agreement for a project on Kearney Lake Road.

The proposed agreement is for a 155-unit building in the special planning area Bedford West 10 (sub-area B) by Universal Realty Group (2012) Limited. Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister John Lohr has approved the proposed agreement on the recommendation of the Executive Panel on Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The proposed development, which includes provisions for an active transportation trail and future transit stops, is consistent with HRM’s Regional Plan. With the Minister’s approval in place, the municipality will now enter into a development agreement with the proponent.

Quick Facts:
– the location on Kearney Lake Road is PID 00289181 in the Province’s property registry
– this is the second development agreement approved for Bedford West 10 since it was designated a special planning area in March 2022
– special planning area designations allow the Minister to assume authority for development approvals within the areas as outlined in Housing in the Halifax Regional Municipality Act

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