New blog shines spotlight on public safety

New blog shines spotlight on public safety Superintendent Don Spicer, the Public Safety Officer for HRM, tends to be a quiet, laid back man. That is, of course, until the topic of public safety and crime prevention is raised. The citizens of HRM now have a chance to hear more of his thoughts, as well as provide input and feedback of their own, on his new blog –

“For quite some time now, I’ve been looking for a way to reach out to the citizens of HRM to have a dialogue about crime; why it’s happening and what can each of us do to prevent it from happening,” he explains. “I also want to highlight the work that’s being done in the community to prevent crime, as the public may not be aware of the many projects and initiatives taking place.”

Superintendent Spicer, or Don as he prefers to be called, was appointed to the role of Public Safety Officer for HRM in March 2009 in response to the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence. Don’s primary role is to strengthen existing partnerships and foster new ones with the various levels of government, social agencies, educational institutions, business associations and community/citizens’ groups to ensure a coordinated and holistic approach to address the root causes of crime and enhance public safety.

Don, an avid user of social media, is looking forward to having a dialogue about public safety and crime prevention with the people of HRM, as well as any other related topic they wish to discuss. He will also share his blog with guest bloggers who will discuss the public safety efforts they are undertaking.

“The blog, I hope, will engage citizens of HRM in discussions about public safety and quality-of-life matters.” Don says. “I’m hopeful it will also improve civic pride in our community.”

About Superintendent Don Spicer

Superintendent Don Spicer is a father of two and lifelong resident of Halifax. As a dad and the Public Safety Officer for Halifax Regional Municipality, he is passionate about his community and is dedicated to ensuring all residents feel safe in their neighbourhoods. For more than three decades, Don has served the residents of HRM in a number of policing roles. In 2005, he was named to the Order of Merit of the Police Forces by the Governor General of Canada. In addition to leading a coordinated response to the Mayor’s Roundtable on Violence Report, Don also manages the Public Safety Office.


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