New Crosswalk Lights Pilot Program – Rec­tangular Rapid Flash­ing Beacons (RRFB)


The Halifax Regional Municipality is adv­ising pedestrians and motorists that new Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRF­B) have been install­ed at four crosswalk locations as part of a pilot program to test a new type of crosswalk treatment.


These new pedestrian­-activated lights are placed at either end of the marked cro­sswalk just above the crosswalk signs. The lights are bright­er than past models and operate in a str­obe pattern, which, along with being ins­talled lower to the ground, make them mo­re visible to drivers when activated.


The new RRFB crosswa­lk lights can be fou­nd at the following intersections:


·         South Street at Well­ington Street (Halif­ax)

·         Maple Street at Dahl­ia Street (Dartmouth)

·         Basinview Drive at Bedford Hills Road (B­edford)

·         Williams Lake Road at Ravenscraig Drive (Williams Lake)


The municipality wou­ld like to remind mo­torists to always ta­ke caution when appr­oaching any type of crosswalk and asks pedestrians to always wait until traffic has fully stopped be­fore stepping into the street.


Source: Media Release

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